Advent Of Code - Day 7

Advent Of Code - Day 7 Day 7 - Part 1 Today we got a bit of respite with an easy one. Sort of like a Dark Souls bonfire. Let’s list our constraints. Today, we face a giant whale and some crabs in submarines which are less than effective. If they only move horizontally I have no idea how they’ve gotten as far as you. Maybe they pivot from time to time.

Advent Of Code - Day 6

Advent Of Code - Day 6 Alright. This time, we are going to learn something that AOC does from time to time… Let’s break it down. Day 6 - Part 1 We start off really easy. We venture around in the sea, looking for nothing but trouble. We have our squid friend with us, whom we were telling everything about vents on the sea floor. Which happen to line up perfectly straight for some weird reason.

Advent Of Code - Day 5

Advent of Code - Day 5 Alright. Today, we are going to learn something that will be useful to us in the coming days. Let’s see what we are dealing with. Edit: An interesting algorithm to read up on is Bresenham’s line algorithm. Day 5 - Part 1 We deal with vents today. The sea is a dangerous place after all. Fortunately for us, these vents line up perfectly so Santa can dodge them easily.

Advent Of Code - Day 4

Advent of Code - Day 4 Disclaimer: There is surely a better solution than this one. But I’m fairly okay with this one. And I wrote it, so… Okay, this day was a bit more complex now. But not in understanding what needed to be done, but implementing it. And then, part two of course. Day 4 - Part 1 We met a squid this day and decided to play a round of Bingo with it.

Advent Of Code - Day 3

Advent Of Code - Day 3 Here we go for day 3! This day was a tiny bit more complex. A lot of more things to read for sure! But all the more exciting! Let’s get to it! Day 3 - Part 1 We are dealing with binary numbers. At fist glance it can be daunting, but it’s actually not that complicated. We have to find two numbers. gamma rate and epsilon rate.

Advent Of Code - Day 2

Advent Of Code - Day 2 Here we go for day 2! These first couple of problems prepare you on how to deal with input mainly. Learn and get used to parsing lines, and get comfortable with data structures. Day 2 - Part 1 We continue the story of Santa and the submarine. This time, he has the task of trying to steer the thing. The task is straightforward. You get a couple of instructions and based on a value you increase or decrease a positions.

Advent Of Code - Day 1

Advent Of Code - Day 1 Since 2015, Advent Of Code has been a part of my life. I’ve done various posts on it already, but this year will be different. I’m going to blog every day every solution, why and how I’ve gotten to that solution. This isn’t going to be ever December, because I’m usually unable to solve a problem on a single day in the later days from day 10 or so.

Summary of Programmer's Brain

Prologue Hello all. This is a summary of the book Programmer’s Brain. Let me begin by saying the book is fantastic and you should definitely read it. The research put into it is phenomenal, and the many linked notes, data and reference make for an amazing and compelling read! Not to mention that it is fantastic that someone put actual effort and data into finding out how programmers operate, think and behave.

Reader's Digest 2021-07

Reader’s Digest I thought it would a cool idea if I kept a summary of the things I’ve read or listened to on a monthly basis. Here is July of 2021 so far. Enjoy. Ultimate Go This book is a culmination of Bill Kennedy’s Ultimate Go course and notes which were spawned from them by Hoanh An. Bill Kennedy set out to put everything together and create a notebook which can be read and followed like the personal notes of a student.

Reader's Digest 2021-06

Reader’s Digest I thought it would a cool idea if I kept a summary of the things I’ve read or listened to on a monthly basis. Here is June of 2021 so far. Enjoy. Hell Divers 6: Allegiance I love the Hell Divers series. I listened to this one on audible as always and it was fantastic, as always. King Xavier Rodriguez. That sounds as bad ass as it is. We follow King Xavier and Rhino, his trusted subordinate into battle with a new threat called Skin Walkers and of course the machines, the defectors which are trying to kill everyone.