Hello Dear readers.

Today’s reader’s digest comes with a repo and some code too! Let’s dive in.

Reader’s Digest - January


Immune is an absolutely fabulous book. It’s amazing and in time of this pandemic a healthy read to boot. I love biology, but never went too deep into it. This book fascinated me with its colorful images, the style of Kurzgesagt story telling and the man himself, who is the voice of Kurzgesagt. I’ve read it all with his voice in my head.

It describes a great journey into the human body and how the immune system works in a high level view. It goes into some detail about cells and their responsibilities and how they distinguish self from other. How they wage war on intruders and how they fend off viruses and bacteria alike. It’s a captivating story! It has two major events that goes through the cycle of the immune system. One is a penetration of a toa with a sharp nail in the woods and how that infection spreads. And the other is when someone coughed in the office and you get infected by influenza.

Book One of Wheel Of Time series

Wheel Of Time is a fantasy novel I’ve been putting off reading for a while now, because it’s massive. It has 20 books in it in total. But I did start eventually with an audiobook of Eye of the world. I love Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. They are both absolutely fantastic and I know them already from other books of Brandon. The book has a good pace and although it starts off with little to no information about the world, you slowly are filled in as the journey goes.

Skyward Flight - Cytonic

This is the third book in the Skyward Flight series! We follow Spensa into the Nowhere, where she meets a gentleman adventurer named Chad. They find pirates, adventure, a quest… All very much something Spensa enjoys too well. She finally gets a glimpse of her real power and understands them more. Fantastic third book, I enjoyed listening to it.

Skyward Flight - Eversore - Book 3.1

This caught me off guard. I didn’t know this existed, neither did I know that book 2.1 exited which followed Alanik’s story and apparently, a lot of other things happened in that book too which were important to the whole of the series! I don’t understand why those didn’t come out as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 instead of smaller books. Since they have events which are important to the characters and the story as a whole. Ah well. I listened to it now and it was fantastic. This book follows Jorgen, and how he develops his cytonic abilities. And they make acquaintance with the Kitsen!

Grokking Algorithms

Grokking Algorithms is a small book containing a set of basic algorithms explained in great detail! I made a Go based repository from them containing a great many explanations using Type Parameters (generics).

The repo is located here.

Thank you for reading!