Dependabot Bundler

Hello Dear readers. Today, I would like to write about a small pet project of mine called Dependabot Bundler. We’ve all been here: You would like to review these individually, of course, however, having to individually merge them is quite the pain. Isn’t it a lot better to do this instead? A lot nicer and more comfortable, isn’t it? This is done by running dependabot-bundler with the following command: 1 .

Reader's Digest - January with Grokking Algorithms Go Generics Repository

Hello Dear readers. Today’s reader’s digest comes with a repo and some code too! Let’s dive in. Reader’s Digest - January Immune Immune is an absolutely fabulous book. It’s amazing and in time of this pandemic a healthy read to boot. I love biology, but never went too deep into it. This book fascinated me with its colorful images, the style of Kurzgesagt story telling and the man himself, who is the voice of Kurzgesagt.

Providers Pattern

Hello Dear readers. Today, I would like to write about a project design pattern I’ve been using successfully over the past years for various projects. It has many variations and it has some design patterns that are commonly found in the wild, so there is nothing really special about it. Let’s begin. Providers Pattern What is this pattern anyways? It’s a pattern I learned while working at ArangoDB. It’s quite nice and defines package abstractions wonderfully.

Advent Of Code - Day 12 - Updated

Advent Of Code - Day 12 - Updated A comment from one of my readers prompted me to revise my solution on this trying to do part 2. The suggestions was that instead of using a struct as seen, use int and keep track of the count for small caves that way. I started to do that but got into various problems along the way when I got frustrated with my code, deleted the whole thing and begun again.

Advent Of Code - Day 15

Advent Of Code - Day 15 Today, again, we open up Red Blob Games. It is a great source of information and descriptions. Especially, since this scenario is right up Red Blob’s ally. We need some weighted path finding. And Red Blob has a lovely post on that using the ever famous Dijkstra algorithm with a Priority Queue. Day 15 - Part 1 Let’s get to it. After refreshing my memory about priority queues, I remembered that there is a package and some sample code in Go which implements priority queues using the container/heap package here.

Advent Of Code - Day 14

Advent Of Code - Day 14 Now we have to do some chemistry. Santa is pretty cool this way. They have a lot of skills mastered and read manuals like an expert. But this also means that manuals are always faulty. But Santa manages to work around these problems rather well. Day 14 - Part 1 So, by reading the description and looking at the outcome, that a string only after 5 iterations will be this big, begs the question if we should build a primitive solution for this.

Advent Of Code - Day 13

Advent Of Code - Day 13 This one was a lot of fun! Matrix folding was a bit fiddly but nothing too serious… Day13 - Part 1 By solving this part, I actually solved both parts. I had to butcher it to not solve both parts because I already dealt with folding both ways. First, we parse our input. We read out both the folding and the numbers first for easy handling later:

Advent Of Code - Day 12

Advent Of Code - Day 12 EDIT: I revisited this problem and completely revised my solution to it: Day 12 Updated This one is a bit different from our little BFS walk the other day. I didn’t quite remember how DFS works, so I looked at the Wikipedia a bit. Then I remembered that I implemented this previously at some point in a later year. Disclaimer: I didn’t manage to finish part 2.

Advent Of Code - Day 11

Advent Of Code - Day 11 Today was an easier one again. It’s been a while since I last did some recursion anyway. At least, that’s how I solved this. I’m pretty sure my solution isn’t the most efficient one, but at least it’s working and it’s not horrible. Day 11 - Part 1 We have some number tracking to do again. This time, instead of fishes, we find ourself an bioluminescent octopus!

Advent Of Code - Day 10

Advent Of Code - Day 10 Again, a bit of breathing time with an easier one. Although, it can be difficult, if you go down the path of trying to do it via recursion. Day 10 - Part 1 We have to match brackets. There can be a bit of a hassle if you go off on the wrong foot and try to implement it using recursion. But that works perfectly fine as well.