Blog Refactor

Finally, I went back and fixed a lot of old posts and old code entries. I tried to fix and repair links and images, but some are lost forever on some obscure WordPress blog which I used to use.

I’m glad though that the code is intact and I could re-read a lot of my old stuff. It’s interesting to see how much I evolved, how much my writing evolved. I used to write a lot of groovy and python and java and bash and ruby.

I’ve been writing this blog for a long time now and I would like to write even more! For example, I’m planning on a new series called, Things for People in a hurry, where I’ll explain concepts and technologies in as less detail as possible, but still relevant and understandable. For people who just want to be in loop, but don’t care / have time for an in-depth read ATM.

Hopefully I learn a lot of things while writing those sections and I hope that people will enjoy them and give me stuff they are interested about but don’t have time to look up.

I’m interested in all technology and concepts, such as Quantum computing too!

In any case, Thanks for staying with me all these years, and here’s to much much more!