Reader’s Digest

I thought it would a cool idea if I kept a summary of the things I’ve read or listened to on a monthly basis. Here is April of 2021 so far. Enjoy.


After seeing it air on Amazon Prime, I had to go and read the comic. It’s quite a lot, but I assure you it’s worth it. Some spoiler alerts…

Okay, so we follow this guy, Mark Grayson. He’s Invincible. He is also and alien, called a Viltrumite. I can hardly summaries over 3000 pages of comic books so I’ll try to be brief.

The Viltrumites are a race of warrior people who wants to conquer the whole galaxy. They also have the power to do so. They are virtually immortal, live for thousands of years and are very durable. They can fly, have super strength and a bunch of other things. The stories are insane. We follow all kinds of people across multiverses, a lot of villains and heroes. There is gore, sex, violance and immature jokes all around. It’s fantastic.

There are better episodes and there are boring episodes as it goes with these things. The one thing that bothered me a lot is that the Viltrumites, of course, have a weak spot. You have to remember that these are people who want to be eliminated by a lot of other people in the whole galaxy. There is a literal coalition of planets who want to kill them.

And there are two main things which can kill / incapacitate them. The first one is a virus, which was developed by a traiter Viltrumite which killed like 99.9% of them. And the other is the same weakness as the things have in the movie called The quiet place. It’s specific frequency sound. Granted, some very specific frequency, but it’s sound. Because Viltrumites have a delicate equilibrium because of their flying ability, if there is a specific frequency sound being emitted in close proximity it can incapacitate or even kill a Viltrumite.

Which makes me wonder that for thousands of years in multiple, parallel universes and with thousands of alien races, nobody even thought of doing that? It had to be Earth and Humans ( and a Dinosaur ) who came up with it? That’s just implausible really. And after being used only a couple of times, they don’t use it again on a global scale!

Anyways. The story is still incredible and it has a lot of amazing content so I encourage comic lovers to read it all!


That’s it for this month. Some lengthy blog posts and Invincible pretty much took up my reading time.

And as always, Thanks for reading, Gergely.