Today, I would like to write about a little tool I put together in Rust.

It’s called gotp. I’m calling it gotp mainly because of crates.io. I published it there as well, you can find it under this link: crates.io/gotp.

The purpose is clear. It’s a totp generator I wrote a while ago in C++ but now it’s in rust. It can generate a token and save it into an account file that is AES encrypted. The password is never saved, so it’s secure enough to use it.

One of it’s properties it will have over the c++ implementation is it’s safe, it uses a proper IV and once I’m done, it will also support encryption via PGP.

That way a password will no longer be asked, but the gpg-agent will be used instead.

This will give a much needed usability boost in which a password will no longer be asked for constantly.

There is also a possibility to place the account file into DropBox or Google Drive and share it between your own devices. This way your home laptop will also have the same account as your work laptop making it essentially an Authy like service on the CLI.

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the PGP update. For more information in usage, please read the README.

Thank you! Gergely.