There already is a nice tutorial on how to create github-pages with Hugo Here if you prefer deplying your pages to a different branch on the same repo. There is also a post about Wercker and Hugo Here deploying pages to said separate branch.

However, I took an easier approach on the matter with a completely separate branch for my blog source and my compiled github pages.

This blog sits here: In order to deploy to it, I just have to commit a new blog post to this repository: Blog Source. After that, Wercker takes care of the rest. It builds my blog, and pushes the generated pages to my blog’s repository to the master branch without creating the gh-pages branch.

The Wercker yml for that looks like this:

box: debian
        - arjen/hugo-build:
            theme: redlounge
        - install-packages:
            packages: git ssh-client
        - leipert/git-push:
            gh_oauth: $GIT_TOKEN
            repo: skarlso/
            branch: master
            basedir: public

Pretty easy. The $GIT_TOKEN is a variable set-up on Wercker containing a restricted token which is only good for pushing. And note that you have to use an explicit package name with git-push or else Wercker will not find that step. Hugo-build will build my blog with a simple command using redlounge theme.

And that’s it. No other setup is necessary and no new branch will be made. Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!