I used to have great ideas on the toilet, but I no longer do. And I would like to reflect on that. So this is not going to be a technical post, rather some ramblings.

I already had a post similar to this one, but I failed to follow up on it, and now I’m re-visiting the question. With technology on the rise, embedded systems, chips, augmented biology and information being available at our fingertips, I have but one concern. I don’t want to sound like an old guy reflecting on history, that now everything is changing and that we need to have a sight on the past and bla bla bla. I do have one valid concern though. We are in danger of loosing ourselves.

With mobile phones and the Internet always being around and available, we are in danger of loosing our thoughts and ideas, our individuality and our THINKING. We are reading news, posts, advancements, blogs, vlogs, and the dreaded 9gag. I am one of these people. I read 9gag. And I hate myself for it. It’s an immediate satisfaction and gain of euphoria and a way of shutting my brain down when it needs it. But I caught myself doing it one or more times when I should have read something more important or beneficial at least. Or catch up on a blog post or read a news, or Gods forbid just plain sit around and THINK for a little while.

So my previous post around this topic was to leave out technology from your life’s for a short period of time. This is the same. Have some alone time. Reflect. Write a diary. If you are a technical person, write down ideas you would want to create. If you don’t have any, write out bigger ones. For example, I want to write an RPG. Or That I want to learn how to do metaprogramming the proper way. Or that I want to read up on some Russian sciences fiction. There are SOOOO many things in the world. Don’t waste it on bullshit and immediate serotonin generating content, like frigging cats! When you do it, when your are at it, stop for a little bit, and think. THINK. What are you doing? Why are you reading up on that crap? What merit does it have?

I understand that from time to time you need to shut off. You need a little bit of comfort. A little bit of serotonin in your system. There are better ways of achieving that. Go for a walk. Run. Bike. Eat a chocolate while staring out of a window. Read a comic book. Do random acts of kindness (not kidding). Drink a glass of water. Listen to some awesome music while drawing something ( anything, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece! ). Sit back and listen to some music. Talk to a loved one. Talk to a friend. Talk to yourself (again, not kidding). If you have a pet, go play with it.

So I have a little challenge here as well -it would be a reflective post if I didn’t have any-, do not bring any electronic devices to the toilet. Or if you bring one, the rule is to turn on Airplane mode. I used to have great ideas on the toilet because I didn’t used to watch stuff on my phone. I used to be by myself with my thoughts. I have a family so there is very little time or space to be alone and with my thoughts. And then when I had the chance, I was browsing on my phone, which again, effectively, led to not being alone with my thoughts.

There you have it. This is my little rant about technology and thinking.

Thanks for reading,

And as always,

Have a nice day.