Fact is, I’ve been busy.

I’ve got a new job as a build engineer. As sort of a devops kind of guy. It’s extremely interesting considering that I made a career as a tester. Granted, I always was technical, and never really knew my path; but it seems my path is finding me after all.

In the past years, I got better at Docker, Puppet, Chef, AWS, Packer, Vagrant, Gradle, and a hell of a lot more. Also honed my linux skills from the ability of doing an ls -l to do an find . -type f -atime +5 | xargs rm -fr (find all the files which are 5 days older and pipe them to a delete command). I already read many books about devops but this time, it’s different. This time, I can actually do these things as well in a live environment.

As once a friend of mine told me: “You ain’t gonna learn anything unless you are getting payed for it.” Wise words. True words.

So stayed tuned for some devops and engineering type posts. I would like to continue working on the Django parts as well, however given my priorities and lack of time ( family and stuff, must choose what I learned in the hour I get each day), it might fall behind. I might stick it into some kind of provision practice or even give it a Travis.ci and put it into a gradle project. Now THAT’S interesting.

Cheers folks.

And as always,

Thanks for reading.