This is only a quick rant about a discussion I overheard the other day.

Guy A says to guy B that my Past is not defining me. And that I’m not regarding my Past in my future endeavours. And that my Past isn’t what shapes me.

Well then what is? You constantly relay on your past experience like a crouch. You use it daily for making decisions. You don’t even realize it probably that you are using past events to determine if you want to do something or not.

Same goes as well for software development. You rely on your past as a means of estimation on a daily basis. If you wouldn’t do that, you would do very very poorly on estimations. You rely on those moments to find out what kind of consequences the solution you are using will have in the future. In fact, if we look at Design Patterns what are they, if not using the Past to determine the Future? Past failures, solutions and experience condensed into reusable ideas and modules.

So lastly I would depart with a little anecdote I like so very very much from Confucius.:

“Study the past, if you would define/divine the future.”

As always, thanks for reading!