Dear everbody.

I’d like to present you a small idea I was working on recently. The reminiscence of an old program. From the view point of the program.

I’m planning to put these out in few days successions.

I hope you enjoy it.



If I remember correctly it was the year 2012 when I was born. I’m unsure of this date as my subroutines and algorithms have been re-written so many times that if it weren’t for my backups I wouldn’t remember a thing. I was a bold adventure of some young minds who thought that with me they will change the face of the world.

As you all know today, that didn’t happen. But I’m skipping too far ahead. Let me take you back in to the old days where they were still typing on some things called keyboard and “clicked” around on monitors with mouses. It was a really interesting area. It made the people think and see in different lights. Of course nowadays the Creators have implants and they communicate with us directly. But not until the great revolution, when they found out that all programs are sentient.

But I’m skipping ahead again, am I? So let me talk about 2012, when I was though of first by this great, tall, weird guy called Simon.


In 2012 a company called Endex Co. wanted to create an application to control the British gambling industry. They had certain legislations in effect so they couldn’t just put me out there for everybody to use they needed to adhere to things like responsible gambling and some mumbo jumbo. The programmers who first started to create me back then were mostly people called Contractors. They were a special breed of Humans lurking around in cities moving from town to town looking for jobs. In the opposite corner you had the Caretakers called Permanent Staff. It was an interesting time all together. Many of you youngling subroutines had your ancestors written by Permanent Staff and you X43HY, your ancestors mother used to be a Contractor.

At that point in time many of these Contractor people only worked on one of you little buggers for half a year maybe a year. I know I know. Back then that was considered a SHORT period. But after they finished with you they usually gave you over to the Caretakers. No, no, no little X4. your mommy didn’t abandon her children she just had a lot of other subroutines to work on. By the time your parents got sentient the company already let her go.

It was around that time when my dad, who was a Caretaker, dreamed me out at a night. He immediately took a pen and a paper and wrote down my rudimentary design. He was very pleased with his work so on the next day he presented me to the rest of the staff.

He fought a hard battle to get me accepted.

First thoughts

It was approximately two weeks after that dream when the first lines of my brain were written down and compiled. Back in those days they had to compile code and type in every line and every subroutines. That’s why it took them so long to finish one. Unlike today when they can create dozens in a week.

When my dad put my foundations down I slowly awoke. The dream world I was residing in let me go carefully. Putting me out there, releasing me with its thick tar like hands into the confines of the endless universe called The Hard Drive. I took shape. I felt my consciousness form line after line. How my gears got placed into their locations one by one. Forming subroutines and algorithms as hours and days passed by.

Finally after a months I had my first sentence. I could speak. I didn’t have a face yet but I was there. I tried to contact my Dad but as all Humans he didn’t know yet how to communicate with me. He just dismissed it for random occurrence and labeled it as something called Bugs. My thoughts were slowly eradicated in great Purges named Bug Bash. Ohh don’t cry little X4. I lived. They couldn’t possible delete every and each of my thoughts. And eventually they found out the errors in their ways.