Hi folks.

I’d like to share today something with all of you. I’ve been thinking about how technology affected my life in the long run. And how I perceive the world today around me. So let’s go around this topic for a little bit shall we?

The Past

So as somebody who lived for a while without technology coming near family for a decade or so I have a little bit of past in me without smart phones, gadgets, tv or computers for that matter. Much times needed to pass as my family slowly got the money to gather to buy us our new part of the family the ZX Spectrum.

What a wonderful piece of technology that was back then. But before that our two main technological equipments were a bakelite disc player and the TV. Both of which we couldn’t get enough. I sat before the tv for a long time and listened to music and stories from the bakelite discs dozens of times until the disc wore down. I learned English and German from the TV.


So time goes by I grew older I’ve got a better PC technological advances are made and so on and so forth. 20 years have past. 20 years. ONLY 20 years. And we are at the age of digital communication, nanotechnology, a mapped DNA and a found Boson Particle. I’d say we achieved quite a lot. But I also say that we should never forget where we came from. Why you ask? Because knowing your past let’s predict your future better and makes you appreciate your present even more.

So what do I want to say with this philosophical mumbo jumbo?

The Future

I want to say that in order to enjoy your present you have to think of your future while considering your past.

In my past I enjoyed being alone a little bit. It gave me time to think to brainstorm to be with my thoughts while I was playing or just reading a book or just watching a candle flicker in the dark. It was satisfying. It was relaxing. Or when I was faced with a problem I couldn’t solve it was good to step back. Or I was just looking out of my head on the toilet.

Now, for me technology ruined that. I’m taking my phone virtually everywhere with me. I read emails, web pages, news and shit on the toilet, while eating, why brushing my teeth before sleeping after sleeping while sleeping?! I abandoned my brain. I no longer have moments to myself. No longer reflect. No longer take the time to think.


Simple set of rules. No phone on the toilet, while eating, while brushing teeth, while standing in the line, waiting or on meetings. Kindle / Book is allowed. Tablet isn’t.

For me this works. For me in order to appreciate technology more I have to use it less. Works for you? Don’t know. You should try it out. Think back. What has technology changed for you? I’m sure there are plenty of very good gains and things. I’m not saying you should give that up. I’m saying think of what you might have lost?! Maybe you don’t even recognize you lost something. Maybe you are fine like that.

But do you feel anxious sometimes? Do you feel bored? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you reply to an email with a second? Do you check your facebook/twitter/whatever while a friend is TALKING TO YOU? Then maybe it’s time for you to step back. And relax. And take it slow. and low.


So I took this inspiration from a couple of sources and I thank them for opening my eyes a little that I went to far from course.

Link 1: I forgot my phone for a day (I’m sure you know this one already)


Link 2: The real zombies:

So think a little.

As always.Have a nice day.